Electronics Repairs For Industry

We specialize in electronics repairs for a wide range of businesses and industries
We will know how to locate the fault in your device without technical programs, but using the advanced measuring devices in our laboratory
Our electronics technicians are top notch and they will locate the fault in your device and repair it down to the component level
*One year warranty on the repair carried out
*according to regulations

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Industrial Stock Purchase And Clearance

We will evaluate and purchase your excess stock at the best price on the market
Providing logistical and planning solutions regarding excess stock and dead stock


We will help you clear unused inventory and thereby generate profit instead of accumulating expenses

value estimation

A professional assessment of the value of the equipment that needs to be removed, and the provision of the entire logistical envelope for its removal


We will perform all the preliminary steps for the sale of the equipment - disassembly, marketing and sale


We will store in our warehouse the equipment intended for sale

evacuation of factories

If the factory undergoes an upgrade of equipment, we will make sure that the highest value is received for the evacuated equipment

metals and excess

IT removal and recycling of metals, cables, computers, and equipment

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Technical support for production lines

Solving technical problems and ongoing maintenance of industrial production lines - including mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics repairs
We will come to you, locate the fault and make sure to fix it
- Change warranty for the repair performed
- According to the regulations

Electronic repairs for industry

Technical support for production lines

Purchase of excess stock at the best price in the market

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Our Vision

- To turn our customers' inventory management expenses into a source of income
- To provide quality and cheap products to our customers

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